~~ • About gadgets • ~~
Modern children are ... modern)) No matter how cool (in the sense, how to hide it), they will see, get it, quickly sort it out, what's what) We, of course, always clean the phones, do not give Sonya (because it will break, ponazhimayet nepomichgo, -not - you will not find)); probably, this is also the most desirable "toy"), but sometimes we give a tablet, we include her favorite cartoon, and she looks with pleasure. By the way, I have nothing against good cartoons (in moderation and NOT for food). I see in this my "pluses" (the cartoon rescues from whims, the child laughs, hears the words + sees the picture = memorization works faster, associative series, learns heroes (can show a bear, a hare, etc.)).
And literally yesterday I noticed such a joke, almost did not drink)) with laughter I'm sitting, which means, behind the laptop, # Sonya_kroshka_enot near me playing ... then I hear the edge of my ear: he walks around the room and mutters something ... He listened: "avO ... avo ... avO-avO ». And then I see the picture: Dad got a phone, walks, leaning it against his ear (though he is big and heavy, so she put it on her shoulder and presses her ear, so that's how the violin is held), and "looks at her": avo ... avo! "She told her husband, he could not believe until he saw, they laughed all evening ...)) The phone was, of course, taken away ... but Sonya went further than making us laugh even more: she began to put the palm (!) to her ear and "avokat" (and no one taught it to anyone like that!). And today ... I dismantled the package from the store, and from there she imperceptibly took out the chocolate bar
And how do you feel about using gadgets by children?) I'm generally not against it. I think the sooner a child learns, the better ... in our age of modern technology. I'm not a supporter of the theory of "shielding! ... let the chalk take a board, too)) - these are the" gadget ")

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