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Watched "Survivor"? And how do you? .. I'm not going to share the contradictory and negative reviews from the series "fuu, what horror / what tin ... film about anything." For me, first of all, it's not about revenge (as many saw), but about the strength of the human spirit. Yes, about the fact that it is painful to lose everything in life ... and even more painful to achieve justice. But after all in a life indeed! I saw the hero and his endless pursuit of the goal, and not vulgarity and "melodrama," "cruelty and blood."
Actor's performance is a separate story. It is impossible to imagine anything even more powerful. Those who remained dissatisfied with the game of DiCaprio, - uh ... I have nothing to say here))) In no scene did not I feel that this is a cheap fake, fake ... or "unnatural" / "the actor does not finish." In general, the picture looks at one go! Plans of nature (insane for its beauty and majesty, dense colors - a spectacle yet!), Philosophical sketches, ingenious play of actors - not to take your eyes off. Is there anything to think about after the film? Certainly. Emotions do not let go for a few more days.
Yes, if you are going to the cinema "entertainment for the sake of" - it's unlikely that the film will meet your expectations; if you cope with the cinematic famine) - it is worth trying). Do not like "tin and blood" - it's also not worth to go. And do not forget about the limitation of 18 +, it's justified! # what to Look at # survivors # ingarritu # dicaprio

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