2 months progress;) * or # aEtaVseNeUymetsya
So something like haircut boast) - so short I do not remember when and bylo
• • •
Well verse you tape ... can not skuchayte✌ to know yourself)))
• • •
I'm coming for you, refrigerator,
As a lover, late at night,
If only we did not wake
We're insatiable others.
Anoreksichki burst image,
I venture to become puritanical:
Secretly braid pigtails
And sausage McNealy in sour cream.
I would have slept,
So - basta, raskreposchenka,
Lick sexy finger
And sausage McNealy in condensed milk.
Institutions to the limit!
Where is second croissant with cinnamon?
You're now dealing
On this night-priestess.
From love no return,
Only mistrust and anxiety ...
Forgive me sleep macho
What will not cover "Vogue"! .
# # SolaMonova sarcasm
# rozovaya_kniga

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