And what is your favorite position for sleeping?)
And we also have an original tan on the face. Well, a favorite toy in bed (someone - a teddy bear, but we all have a serious - SHOVEL, you never know what).
• • •
Ohh, those legs ... Yesterday she only complained to her husband: they say, I feed Sonya, her mouth openly eats, but I tell her - a spoonful of porridge, and she immediately puts her foot in her mouth. I do not know how to fight and fight it ... But a leg in the mouth in the eating of food is our favorite "I'm already looking at it, my eyes are already twitching." So ... I'm telling you ... "My husband says to me:" So you can (foot in your mouth)? " Try it! "I looked at him, saying, but curiosity prevailed, I had to try it. I could not)), so you imagine: I had to justify myself, they say, the natural flexibility is not the same, I used to be able to do it so well before, blah blahA he told me: "Look, Wo!" - And with his foot straight to the mouth it gets out, it's so easy, "with a reserve", as they say

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