And here they are the most, from the story. It's straight without too much modesty: my mother taught me how to bake the most delicious pancakes. Although, of course, I perfectly understand: for everyone TASTY pancakes are their own, the concept of relative :) It's always so strange for me to hear , when someone says, they say, "I do not know how to cook thin pancakes." It's so simple! You just need to know a couple of tricks;) and find your recipe! I've always poured thin pancakes with starter (either kefir or sour milk / whey) + I add fresh milk, then they turn out very delicate, lacy, with light sourness, long retaining their softness (not "blooming"). My proven recipe for years is on (search on the search bar on the site - "pancakes"), there are all the tricks, turnout-passwords
What kind of pancakes do you like? How did you find your "recipe"?) What are the receivers / tricks you use?) #eat2slim_bliny

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