Do you want, I confess to you ..?)
I, for example, do not iron clothes. That's all "to smooth the diaper-raspayonki" - not about me)
I do not buy "children's" products: cereals, softeners, etc. (rarely - "children's" milk and fruit), the most common "adults" (good quality!) I feed the child.
I do not boil water - I give Sonya the usual, bottled, which we drink ourselves.
I do not bathe the child daily, only as necessary (* the procedure for washing is not counted, it is, of course, several times a day *).
Do not prohibit watching cartoons. I just do not understand why. If it can make a child here and now happier, give positive emotions. Why not use this as long as this "happiness" can be presented so easily?
DO NOT give the child drying / steering-wheel (and at the same time and cookies / rolls) to "scratch the teeth" or "polish" lunch. First, because of margarine in the composition, secondly because of sugar. But I give all berries, fruits and vegetables without restriction.
I do not do much of everything from the list "so it is accepted," but for some reason no one can explain who is accepted and why)
I do not buy toys and children's things just because "it's so mi-mi-mi."
And what are you willing to NOT do for your child?

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