And I'm here because of the history of a landmark day remembered straight laughed heartily))
I remember when it was very shallow (in primary school), I dreamed of my mother's cosmetic make-up. There, you know, what just was not there: the shadows of all colors and shades of the rainbow, the pomade pile, blush, all sorts of sparkles (* by the way, I can not remember something that my mother used to wear it all *). And I'm straight to the point of trembling dreamed of the same cosmetic bag with all its contents) And then somehow (I had a vacation before I got it))))) I sat down in front of the mirror and let's "beauty" guide me. With the color of the shadows, it was not in my power to decide, so I decided to try everything a little, lipstick was easier - the brightest, of course, Th here to think!))) Blush then! And, and on eyes still (on top of shadows) - blyostki such from a tube silver "When I have finished, I could not understand one: same such UNGENNESS BEAUTY why the mother so does not go ???
Well, if you read this entire bred

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