Ascetic, one can say zavtrak
Recipe Pumpkin oladushek "childhood":
• 1 small zucchini;
• Egg 1 or 1 1 + egg protein;
• Flour (c / s or in / s) 3-5 tbsp or how many will take the dough;
• salt to taste.
Squash grate ( "a pulp" or small chips, at your discretion). Allow to stand, good squeeze the juice. Add all Ingreda, mix, bake (I always like without oil, but if you are not sure the pan, grease;). Antiprigarke on the right to medl.ogne.

And if you want to cook pancakes in the oven (giving them, for example, the form of muffins) - the best diet, for example, entirely without flour sm.retsept on my site✌️

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