Attenzione, # shchekishcheki, or, as they say, # yaprostooststavlyuetet here!
And now about the sore ...) Remember this notorious "in the USSR there is no sex"?) About sex still is not sure, but what really was not in the USSR - so this is NO idea of ​​what is proper nutrition (I am now, of course , not about all superfoods and other "slimming inventions", but about trivial things!): what to eat, why cucumber + tomato + greens are more useful than potatoes + bread + roast)) that there are products useful, but there are - useless .. and even harmful; and that the first-second-third, and compote for lunch - is not a guarantee of health. And now I'm not talking about the inhabitants of the village (which is important!), But about the urban population, the intelligentsia, if you want. And most importantly, what is not perceived by the generation of the "land of Soviets" in any, is that there are people who do not like all of the above listed, seem tasteless ... No, this is not snobbery, not hypocrisy ... and even "fuss" I I can not name myself; I am more likely omnivorous in the framework of my "world", the concept of which does not fit the slogan: "in any incomprehensible situation lei more ... even more oil in a frying pan"
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