Oh, what beautiful weather now stands: dress warmly / more comfortably and walk for your pleasure!;) By the way, from the last pleasures was going to the cinema for the "Martian". A kind of "entertainment fiction" with the beautiful Matt Damon in gl.roli (lost weight and pumped up, in great form), which again in space and again survives, if you understand what I like, when such films do not conduce the situation through all sorts of "Tricks", but on the contrary - they present the events easily and with irony. Here it was just the right time. Yes, and, of course, it will not be superfluous to learn from the cinema what kind of chemical reaction in the conditions of water shortage it is necessary to conduct in order to get this very water. Of course, we must go!
Personally, I was amazed at the whole film: how clever people should be, to fly like this ..., to study something there, to make discoveries, to calculate everything by some crazy formulas, to build something there in space and on other planets ... # what to look for # Martian
PS If you read up to the end)), then you will be aware that the recipe for an interesting salad with shrimps is lower in the comments⤵️

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