It was delicious. This is how 15 minutes spent in the evening guarantee instantly ready (+ delicious and healthy;) breakfast. It's # lazyvareniki (if anyone does not understand). Ps Darkish - zmuka whole-grain. You often ask why they are obtained as "porridge" after cooking ... or not at all. I answer: for the basis, of course, it is better to take flour, in kot.e gluten (wheat usual / whole-grain or from tv.sortov!), Otherwise (if gluten is less or not at all) vareniki will not keep the shape. You need flour so much so that the dough does not stick to your hands. And, yes, do not cook dumplings for a long time! As soon as the floated (2-3 min.) - then ready! Do not cook longer! You can store it in the freezer (the quality of the finished vareniki does not change!). Or, if I do it in the evening, then I keep it in the fridge until morning. On 150 g cottage cheese usual I take 1 egg, flour on the eye (4-5 st.l + to sprinkle the surface). I do "sausage", I cut it all! Yes, sugar in them did not add ever (even in my childhood they were made unsweetened), I do not like sugar, but it's a matter of taste "#eat2slim_vareniki

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