Often under the next your recipe I see the questions in the series, "but perhaps PCB (* nutrition *) can be" white "flour?", Or "as you can eat potato / sugar / cream / oil ... etc for weight loss.?" or (favorite! :) "advise, what flour is better to choose for weight loss?". Again and again I answer this question, in the hope to shed some light on these problems: no one meal (or product) that you need to eat to lose weight!

Работает лишь один принцип: calorie consumption must be more than the parish. And yet! And so what you type your daily kalorazh (KBZHU) - it is up to you. Of course, the "right" foods (such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, poultry / fish / meat etc.) You eat more (by volume) in the 2000 calories than chocolates, rolls, or a marshmallow, but the meaning is not changed. This diet is not so important, you have eaten your dinner buckwheat 500 kcal or lavash. Therefore, only you can decide which of the products make your diet (for health and balance, I am not talking) and that you eat to lose weight :)

Does not necessarily exclude butter, sour cream, flour and so on. It is desirable to reduce the quantity of refined products to minimize (but only that, firstly, simplify your taskAnd secondly, from the point of view of quality and balanced food digestion). However, if such products as sugar, flour / s, processed "fast" and there are cereals in your diet on 10-15%, this does not mean that you can not lose weight or eat irregularly. Foods high glycemic index too, have a place to be (in healthy humans), This indicator has no effect on weight loss. Therefore reach paranoid does not mean choosing products with a GI below 40, labeled «organic» and baking cakes of bran. Remember, only solves the coming-consumption.

Another thing, of course, comfort, health, weight (or lack thereof) in the stomach and getting all the necessary nutrients for the body - here, of course, it is important that you eat. Overloading the body greasy fried food, sweets, trans fats, Of course, will not make you healthier. But this should come :)

Нет продуктов, помогающих худеть; принцип «что съесть, чтобы похудеть» не работает. Достаточно лишь соблюдать баланс и «вписывать» желаемые продукты в суточный калораж. Второй момент – не нужно панически бояться углеводов (особенно быстрых), если только они не составляют основу вашего рациона.

Do you think that if the product does not contain fat, it "can not"? Enrich its own fiber: a pita add vegetables and herbs, to pancakes - berries or fruits rich in dietary fiber. For example, as "opoleznit" seemingly useless semolina, as I described recently in one of the articles. I advise you to also use psyllium (What it is, read here), если чувствуете, что не «добираете» грубого волокна.

Но опять-таки: клетчатка – это лишь мера для улучшения пищеварения, качества жизни, если угодно, профилактики многих заболеваний. НО НЕ панацея при похудении. Безусловно, разбухая в желудке, она создает чувство сытости искусственно, снижает общий гликемический индекс продукта. Употребляя клетчатку, есть вероятность(!), что вы просто съедите меньше. Тем не менее, ключевую роль в похудении играет именно то, СКОЛЬКО вы съели, и как следствие – набранная калорийность. Будь то популярная пп-выпечка, богатая грубым волокном и с низким гликемическим индексом, либо обычный чизкейк.

In general, remember: in terms of burning fat completely irrelevant, with some GI foods consumed. Important Only a calorie deficit!

Thus, I do not encourage you to eat everything, because we all know the saying - we are what we eat. And, once again, much better fed and more comfortable you will be, if their daily calories you eat, for example, cereal or cottage cheese for breakfast, vegetables / fruit for a snack, fish or poultry with vegetables for lunch, and an omelet for dinner (full version nutrition for weight loss menu for a week see here). But, believe me, a piece of marshmallow or pastes is not a universal evil! Lose weight can be, if you create at least 20% of the solar energy deficit, no matter with or without marshmallows.

To a question about how much you need to eat to lose weight, and how calculate the daily kalorazh - It is not so simple. One thing is clear: the number of calories eaten should be dictated by power consumption (In other words - how the body spends so much to him and to be given).

There are several options. One - calculated on the paper by the formula (but not the error is excluded). Another - to pass a special diagnosis, during which the calculation of energy consumption (although this is also suspended) and, accordingly, much calories included in the daily diet.

What to eat to lose weight: the formula for calculating the daily calories

As for the formula, they are really a lot. Yes, there is a margin of error, but it is not so great. In general, each of them works.

First of all, here is perhaps the most popular Harris-Benedict formula. Who will have to remember the math high school :) and solve the problem in a few steps.

To begin we calculate the amount of energy needed is your body to sustain life (ie, the number of calories that you take in any case, even completely omits). This indicator is called basic metabolism (GLD).

For men:

GLD = 88,362 + (13,397 x weight in kg) + (4,799 x height in cm) - (5,677 x age in years)

For women:

GLD = 447,593 + (9,247 x weight in kg) + (3,098 x height in cm) - (4,330 x age in years)

Next, the resulting figure should be multiplied by your activity factor:

  • sedentary (inactive) = 1,2
  • small Activity = 1,375
  • average (moderate) Activity = 1,55
  • high activity = 1,725
  • very intense activity (for example, if you are preparing for the Olympic Games :)) = 1,9

It is important to adequately assess your lifestyle. If you work in an office all day sitting, and of activity - a trip to work and back, then your lifestyle inactive. If sport is present in your life anyway 1-2 times a week, your little activity. If you do 3 times a week, moderate activity. If you noticed in the hall 4-5 once a week, the activity is high.

Another way of calculating - formula no less famous Muffin-Dzheora. Since it is more recent, it is considered more accurate in regard to healthy subjects. I must say that my result counts in the first case does not differ from this.

So, we calculate again the basic metabolism.

For men:

GLD = (9,99 x weight in a) + (6,25 x height in cm) - (4,92 x age) + 5

For women:

= GLD (9,99 x weight in a) + (6,25 x height in cm) - (4,92 x age) - 161

This result also must be multiplied by the coefficient of activity (see above).

For people whose percentage of muscle mass is high enough on the percentage of fat, Ketch-McArdle formula It is more correct.

For the calculation you must first learn muscle of your body weight (MMT). It is calculated using the formula:

MMT = weight in kg - (weight x fat percentage)

The percentage of fat can be found by passing certain tests in a number of clinics.

Далее основной обмен веществ рассчитывается по формуле:

GLD (for men and women) = 370 + (21,6's MMT)

This result again be multiplied by the activity coefficient.

By and large, all of the above listed formulas work.

And to lose weight again, you need to create a 20% th calorie deficit.