Girls, girls, it does not matter how old you are - 5, 15 or 55 - with a holiday! Blossom, SOUND, radiate and warm! Let's fill the entire ribbon with flowers
And a small instructive story about 8 Martha)) ⤵️⤵️⤵️ Still waiting for 8 March of pleasantness, manifestations of male attention (* read - gift *)). I remember that when I was young, at the dawn of our relationship with my husband, I could be offended or something worse when I did not get the proper "attention" signs (at first, they say: "the main thing is not a gift, but Attention", then: "I would be careful, I would understand , WHAT I want "
This is what I brought to all)))) ... -We are going yesterday with my mother, and on the prospectus the main mess is going on: the people - the demonstration is whole, babi rebellion! And they storm one of the palaces. I say: "Well, obviously they give something free of charge, otherwise how come there are so many on the eve of the holiday?" And the main thing: dressed up all ... who on Labutenas, who so)) in the style of "I'll wear all the best at once ". And then we pass ... - AFISHI ... Eeeeeeeee: concert STASA MIKHAILOVA))) Here, I think, where my mother and I should be on the eve of the women's day, on the first row the same !!!

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