Girls, on the holiday! Be loved is always beautiful and desirable. Colors and sounds! And remember, sometimes for happiness simply not be strong "iron" lady.
. • • •
Please be weaker.
And then I'll give you
miracle ceremony.
And then I vymahnu - grow up
It becomes special.
From a burning house bear
I make up my mind to all the unknown,
all the reckless -
sea ​​brooch thick, ominous,
and I will save you! ..
This is the heart told me,
heart told ...
But you also
stronger than me, stronger
and more confident!
You are very ready to save others
from sadness serious,
you yourself are not afraid nor whistling blizzard,
no fire crispy.
Do not get lost, do not drown,
not saved
Do not cry and did not zastonesh,
if you want.
You will become smooth and you will be windy,
if you want…
I'm with you -
so sure -
It's very difficult.
Though the purpose, at least for a moment -
I ask, timidly, -
help me
believe in yourself,
become weaker.

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