Perhaps one of the most delicious delicacies of the famous all over the world - Italian desserts.

Tiramisu, Panna cotta, Sabayon, cannoli, biscotti, Semifredo... Yes, you can go on forever, but it is clear for sure: Italian bakers are experts in the sweet!

Surprisingly, Italian cuisine desserts distinguished by extraordinary "lightness" (hardly in Italy you will find something with fat butter cream that uncommon with us :). Moreover, Italian desserts, in my opinion, more elegant, unusual (the same as the British or German).

It was the Italians came up with goodies and cheese (mascarpone, ricotta, etc.). In their kitchen recipes abound sweets with nuts, but like Oriental, puff impregnated with honey or like nougats and air, with the beaten egg whites or sweet cream cheese, chocolate, caramel, berries and, of course, coffee.

The cake, which I want to tell you - truly a masterpiece of Italian cuisine. Blame belongs confectioner virtuoso Luca Montersino. Among other things, he is a consultant to the world's most famous companies in the field of confectionary art.

Just I want to note that I'm a little recipe "adapted", simplifying a little. Taste the quality of cake from this, in my opinion, did not suffer :)

Cake, as you can see, we got a nice and earned the highest critical acclaim :) Taste - incomparable! What can I say - just cook this delicious Italian dessert.

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