Good morning, New Year's Eve!
As a child, I thought this day the most magical (albeit troublesome it was): early in the morning ran to a TV set to watch cartoons, fairy tales, parallel shuts cleaning ... but on the whole apartment smells of boiled vegetables (Soviet classics "under a fur coat" and "Olivier" no one otmenyal
Today, almost nothing has changed: only without the Soviet culinary classics, but with her daughter in her arms
• • •
On the eve of the new year, kind of like, to sum up. But I somehow it's not really like: whether I'm afraid to jinx myself, or just do not want anything, "sum" and sum up. At the end of this year, thinking about summarizing, comes to mind only one
What a miracle it is: just one year ago I was quite "slightly pregnant", weeks 6 or 7, and certainly could not imagine how we will meet 2017 three. What is there to imagine, when the one who "lives" in you, has hardly reached the size of a rice grains. And this is not magic: from the "rice grains" was a real man "who grew up in you, and then came into being - a small copy of a big man. I did not even think about this MIRACLE (they say, give birth and give birth). Now - more and more ... And this person (who hatched :)) is now yours. And you gave birth to him. Lies nearby, sniffs, smiles ... such a cheeky)), seven-kilogram. From the rice grains. I do not know if I can ever comprehend, understand with the mind this mystery. Speak, the pyramids of Cheops - a miracle of the world?) Now I know for sure what the wondest MIRACLE is of all miracles)
? This is what I am) Let the new year will be more miracles (for everyone - its) - because they happen where they veryat
With coming, dear! # # Snastupayuschim ng2017 snovymgodom # # # ng breakfast #2017 #ny2017 #newyear # novyygodknammchitsya

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