Good morning, which
We have an ideal tandem for breakfast! This buckwheat pancakes and cheese terrine light (based on gorgonzola and light soft curd: gorgonzola 50gram or other similar soft cheese slightly to melt in the microwave., Mix with soft curd / ricotta (150 g) until homogeneity, there is also a favorite greenery (I have thyme ), it is possible (if desired) slightly grets./cedar nuts). I will definitely make such a delicacy for Easter! And the recipe (already in the classical version) will soon be on the site
In general, I will say: if you are "afraid" of "other" types of flour or unsweetened pancakes in principle, try them in such a combination. It's straight ... such a cymes ... Ps By the way, if such a terrine is with strawberries, you can generally lose consciousness)))

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