Good morning !;) Today it has opened its arms with the blue sky and unobtrusive rays of the sun..which is now avaricious for stormy manifestations), especially since early in the morning, when the fog has not yet disappeared ... - this is the sincerity of the morning that I so much love )
Now I will share with you one # lyfhak'om)) I wanted here a manna porridge (I do not understand why :) :) ... did not eat it for 100 years, in the ranks of its fans it was never noticed, and everyone knows that the benefits in it .. by the way, by and large: no coarse fiber, nor valuable nourishment. So, that's what I thought up, I think this is a discovery!)))
PS If you read up to the end)), then you know that the recipe for a delicious (!) Mannish pudding with a pear - on the site✌️

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