Good morning!
Autumn is the time when irresistibly you want apple pies, serials in the evenings, wrapped up in a blanket, and walks around Peter. And if you can find a compromise with the first two points, then it's more difficult with Peter ((It remains to look at the photos in the tape and the stories where the beloved city at this time of the year is the real one.) Cold, cold, beckoning and beautiful is incredible! with autumn in St. Petersburg, I have the warmest and brightest memories: in the autumn I moved to St. Petersburg (where I studied and lived 7 years!), I settled for my first serious job, then my husband is now (then still no :) first came to me from Minsk (on a visit), and we spent a romantic weekend together
Ps But these are obtained from the oven cheesecakes (sm.vcherashnie stories): 20-30 180 minutes at c. With browned crust, but inside the same tender) Conveniently, when a lot of them, so as not to mess with skovorodkoy

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