good utro
Today we are reaping the "fruits" of yesterday's 1 April prank of nature-such a snowfall was (almost a snowstorm!), A snowman came home))) And why?) Because I washed and cleaned all winter shoes the day before, spring F in full swing all that)) Here, get, sign))) Today from the house I'm afraid to go out (and not in anything, the shoes are cleaned out).
But breakfast open 100% spring theme- # lazy Oatmeal. Dish in our house is seasonal (spring-summer;), in winter you want to be hot)) Options for cooking and serving dozens: Here is oatmeal (total 35-40 g) + ryazhenka + chia + seeds / peanuts LAYER with soft curd and black currant. Yes, she also added a spoonful of bran, flax seeds and # psyllium. Oatmeal should be large !, long cooking, mix-mix, insist the night and enjoy!

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