Good morning
I want you to be as delicious as me - wafers from oatmeal, oatmeal, linen and peanuts. flour, psyllium (all by eye) + egg. As topping, what you found is #eat2slim_vafli
Friends, I often see here, in insta, a lot of disputes, discussions about margarine (many people do not even know what it is, because in childhood in all houses baked pies, rolls, cakes, cakes) and palm oil! So many absurd "arguments" and frank heresy (sorry, but a fact!) Have to be read! I studied this issue very carefully, collecting opinions of various specialists and FACTS - the article can be read on my site " (about palm oil"). I'm sure it will be useful to you! Certainly something new you will learn from it and will be healthier - do not be lazy, infa and the truth oochen necessary! Ah, so I want to bring light to the masses

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