Probably many of you think that make marshmallows at home - mission impossible, if it were a kind of sacrament or something that might be prepared exclusively in the confectionery shop :) Actually cook homemade marshmallows easy.

To do this, firstly, to get agar-agar (Look in the shops). Yes, it should be used (no gelatin). Second, be patient and do everything carefully - the process requires a well-established actions, as well as accuracy (measure products "by eye" do not recommend!).

Also, I think many people know that at the heart of marshmallow - fruit puree (usually an apple). That's where we found the necessary natural stabilizer pectinBy which has the consistency of marshmallow, which we are all well acquainted.

Actually, truth be told, marshmallows at home can be done on the basis of any fruit / berry puree. Although pectin concentration in all the different fruits, mashed potatoes, you can simply boil down (roughly speaking, from the 400 250 grams of mashed potatoes do, evaporated to excess moisture).

For convenience I will give the pectin content of some fruits and berries on 100 g:

  • Blackcurrant 1,1
  • Apples 1,0
  • Plum 0,9
  • gooseberries 0,7
  • Peach 0,7
  • Strawberries 0,7
  • Cranberry 0,7
  • Apricots 0,7
  • Raspberry 0,6
  • pear 0,6
  • Cherry 0,4

Now I understand why applesauce is most often used for the preparation of marshmallow (yes, the recipe for marshmallow Recommend it was) - it is the most easily accessible and pectin in it is really a lot!

For home marshmallows you can also use 50: 50 apple puree with blackcurrant, peach, plum - here a matter of taste. The main requirement - must be thick puree, without the excess water.

Is the taste of homemade marshmallows purchased? Definitely yes! I'm sure if you're a fan of this delicacy, in principle, the home win marshmallows you: he is very gentle, just melts in your mouth. In addition, you can experiment with flavors, adding mash of different fruits and berries.

But do not forget: this is a very sweet treat (what marshmallows home, less nutritious it did not :), do not overdo it!

Homemade marshmallows: recipe


  • Mashed fruit (apple or another, to your taste) - 250 g;
  • egg white - 1 pieces;
  • water - 150 ml;
  • sugar - 400 g;
  • agar - 8-9 g (about 4 tsp).


If you use ready-made mashed potatoes, and it is not thick enough, it is strongly recommend it to boil down. , Stirring, boil a little bit (min. 250-100) to the outlet turned 5 g, take gram 7 more and simmered.

Также если в составе вашего пюре нет сахара, добавьте его туда дополнительно 150-200 г (помимо тех, что указаны в ингредиентах), дождитесь его полного растворения.

Cool the puree - it should be quite thick.

*If the cook mashed potatoes, for example, from frozen berries, you will need at least 600 g! First, they need to cook in a skillet (15-20 minutes) with no water, then rub through a sieve, return again in a saucepan already pureed puree, add sugar, wait until it is completely dissolved.

Agar-agar pour water. Stir and put on fire, bring to a boil, then - Stir in the sugar. Stir and cook over low heat 6-8 minutes. Willingness to help you choose - will be white foam and bubbles and syrup dripping and dripping from a spoon / blades in a thin stream.

In the cooled mashed potatoes, add protein and beat on high speed until fluffy and increase (times 3). Also, the mass should be significantly lighter.

Не прекращая взбивать, вливайте медленно горячий(!) сироп тонкой струйкой. Процесс займет минуты 3, а то и 5. Масса будет заметно уплотняться. Взбивайте до жестких пиков – пока масса не станет достаточно густой.

Otsazhivayut homemade marshmallows, you can use a pastry bag with nozzles or just a spoon and certainly on the silicone mat / baking paper. This should be done immediately, as the agar sets and begins to thicken very quickly.

Ready marshmallow leave home for a day, it should stabilize and dry.

Before you remove it from the paper, sprinkle with good homemade marshmallows with powdered sugar (and hands, too!). Then you can collect pairs.

Enjoy tea and do not be afraid to experiment!