A little more us) in Antalya today, a little cloudy, but the tan we still have time)
Yes, and Sonia fit to open your fan club here)) So much attention! So many confessions, compliments and air kisses she has not yet received))
You know, we discussed this paradox with our husband here: the men here and there are melting with tenderness, communicating with the kids (well, Sonya in particular): they can not resist not caressing, syusyukat, to show any sign of attention, something pleasant. It is typical here for men. Can you imagine such a situation with us: guys / men pay attention to the kids in this vein, are touched, trying to stroke, etc.? At us so it is not accepted ... And at least, it would be considered strange. Even sometimes in their families, men are somehow "abstracted" from children and issues related to upbringing. And even more so, almost no one is touched by other people's children. Here it is like this ...

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