We have such a tradition - in the evenings we necessarily brew fragrant tea (we have more than a dozen different ones, even though I am a coffee man) and, puffing more comfortably, drink it: hot, fragrant, sometimes spicy, sometimes tart, sometimes bitter, mix ... ) This is our ritual! And each time this drink helps to plunge into memories, ponostalgize: "this one we brought from there, this one was given to us then, this one ..." I do not really need "nishtyaki" for this tea party (although sometimes I drink tea with dinner instead of dinner syrniki or casserole, cottage cheese). Husband likes to indulge in homemade cakes☺️ or delicious chocolate, but in limited quantities, too, pays a figure
The girls, who asked for the recipe pechenyuh, catch! Flour (premium or c / s, oats, rice, rye, chickpeas and mix ok) 130-140 g, cottage cheese 130-140 g soft butter (or kokosovoe

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