A Study in Pink tonah
You know, it has already become a good tradition to invent something delicious for the weekend (so often with delicious go to visit, or guests come to us☺️). But the main thing is not even this ... - Previously, we straightly baked and invented all sorts of "desserts", cupcakes of oatmeal, strudels from bran)) and self-sacrificed them to eat. Then came a certain "Zen": it is easier not to eat dessert at all, than there is pseudo Slack. Actually, this is what decided: you want to eat sweet (I do not eat 1 times a week in my diet, but in general I often bake for my husband or guests and feel comfortable without even trying), eat it. Believe it, your body does not care)), it will get 500 kcal from a cake or 5 times 200 kcal from Pseudo Coke - it will still either spend these calories or postpone it) Depending on your activity (* see the law of conservation of energy)) *
Yes, a minute attempt to be clever)) is completed; who read to the end, to announce: in the photo # dessert brownie with vishnevoSlivochnym mussom

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