French Krepvil, pancake or cake with exquisite taste.

French Krepvil (Crêpes - pancakes) - is not nothing but a pancake cake (Dada, from these pancakes) with cream, which, incidentally, can be quite different: cream, custard, cottage cheese, a la Tiramisu etc.

Preparing it is very fast, and the result will delight: thin delicate "cakes" (vanilla, chocolate, or with a hint of rum) and a lot of cream. Decoration in the form of berries or chocolate - again someone that prefer :)

Perhaps my favorite Krepvil with cream a la TiramisuThough ... and the cheese-cream deserves attention and sour sounds very gently. And cheese, I'm sure the supporters will appreciate a healthy diet!

Oh, and if you bake pancakes from whole wheat flour (can be combined with oat, corn), and cook cream cheese, you get quite a dessert diet without excess fat: extremely complex carbohydrates and protein! By the way, I often do when you want something tasty and healthy :)

Поэтому я предлагаю вам несколько рецептов этого торта: классический Крепвиль с различными видами крема и Крепвиль для сторонников правильного питания:)

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