Lately it has become fashionable (yes, that word is appropriate) to lead a healthy lifestyle, to monitor the health, count calories and as a consequence, give up sweets.

In this article I want to focus precisely on fructose and explain why you can not use fructose instead of sugar, to debunk the myth of its harmlessness (or even alleged benefits), which is not true!

About what and how best to replace the sugar, without giving up the sweets and useful at the same time adhering to a healthy diet, you can read in this article. Not necessarily at all excluded from the diet of sweet, because you can just find a useful natural alternative to sugar, and some dishes and does allow "resound" in a new way, using sugar instead of fruit, honey, spices, natural vanilla.

The main MYTH: "Fructose sugar useful."

Very often it is necessary to watch the picture, like the shelves with products for diabetics (where sweets with fructose) mothers choose for their children candies and cookies, they say, "I do not want the child to eat a lot of sugar, so make a choice in favor of fructose, it is useful" . And slimming (instead of having to give up sweets) naively believe that by buying chocolate on fructose, not harm health, but rather the contrary.

Однажды также я услышала от подруги, что она добавляет в воду для ребенка фруктозу, чтобы сделать ее сладкой и приятной на вкус (т.к. малыш отказывается пить воду в чистом виде, а она для организма необходима): ведь сахар вреден, а с фруктозой вроде как и волки сыты, и овцы целы. Получается, и ребенок пьет «вкусную» воду, и мама довольна.

I decided to thoroughly understand the issue regarding the benefits and harms of fructose, in consultation with the doctor-endocrinologist.

Fructose: the mechanism of action.

Fructose is monosaccharide, A substance having a more pronounced sweet taste than regular sugar, but does not significantly affect the level of blood sugar. Metabolism of fructose in the body is very different glucose metabolism (ordinary sugar). It is, simply put, reminiscent of the metabolism of alcohol, ie, It carried out directly in the liver.

After fructose can not be used as a carbohydrate, it is sent to the blood in the form of fatty acids, and this causes severe liver diseases and cardiovascular system. And most importantly - the metabolic syndrome (impaired peripheral insulin sensitivity (and as a consequence - diabetes), as well as a violation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, which leads to obesity).

Here is an example to understand it easier: complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, once in the body, are converted mainly into glycogen, and in this form are deposited in the liver and muscles. This happens as long as there will be "free space", and only then they will start to be processed carbohydrates into fat (according to scientific data, the body may postpone the reserve 250-400 grams of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen). Fructose is a liver turns directly into fat, which is getting into the blood, immediately absorbed by fat cells.

Fructose is dangerous for health!

Yes, perhaps, the blood sugar level is not increased, but the amount of body fat is rapidly increasing (to the question about the use of slimming fructose), which is especially harmful for diabetics.

More focus on one point, referring to the fructose. All of us are not averse to drink freshly squeezed fruit juice: a good habit was to start the day with a glass of fasting. Although itself from the fruit juice is a natural product during its preparation retracted fiber (coarse fibers), fructose and therefore quite easily absorbed into the human bloodstream. Therefore, doctors recommend not to abuse the juice, and it is better to give preference to fresh unprocessed fruits.

Therefore, only one conclusion: and the body of diabetics and healthy individuals fructose exerts negative impact. Damage from fructose is obvious: its usage threatens to obesity; insulin resistance (stability) and as a result, Type II diabetes; appetite regulation violation due to lack of effect on satiety hormones (not just the brain receives signals that saturation has occurred). Therefore, it can not be regarded as a healthy dietary supplement.