Not so long ago I wrote about how to order goods with iherb (Step by step instructions) and make it profitable, received a nice bonus. As questions continue to come on (that is advantageous to buy oniherbWhat order to maximize profits, which products I can personally recommend, superfudy iherb), I decided to periodically renew the subject, to share with you my favorite products, discoveries and disclosures :)

I'll start with the products that I have tried recently. They are, alas, did not get in our stores (and if somewhere "on the Internet" and you can buy, it is much more expensive).

О quinoa I wrote (see. recipe "Salad of pumpkin and quinoa") - One of the oldest plants in human history (it was grown more Indians over 6000 years ago) - a product unique in its beneficial properties, rich in vegetable protein, fat, fiber, valuable trace elements.

iherb: what to order

To digest cereals easily, taste pleasant, not like the taste of other cereals (though sometimes a little taste bitter, but to solve the problem is simple: soak it in cold water for a couple of hours before cooking).

I want to dwell on what can be made from quinoa. Of course, first of all -. It is the same side dishes as well as rice, buckwheat, couscous, etc. The meat, chicken, fish is ideal. The finished product can optionally add a little vegetable (olive / sesame / mustard) oil or sauce pesto.

By the way, as a morning porridge quinoa is also fine. Sometimes I mix it with millet or barley grains, it turns out very tasty!

Most of my favorite use of quinoa - add to salads. Groats take as a basis, and then - whatever your heart desires: any vegetables, cheese with a pronounced flavor (parmesan, goat, with blue cheese), fresh herbs, seeds or nuts. Fans of bright exotic combinations can advise to add a bit of fruit (citrus, pomegranates, dried fruits). Yes, chicken livers quinoa combines amazing. In short, do not be afraid to experiment!

Cooking quinoa is simple: add water (on the portion of 1 2-2,5 cereals portion of water) and cook 15 minutes.

Quinoa can also be added to the pastries (sweet and savory pies, cupcakes, cookies) to give a light crumbly texture.

Sesame oil virgin Loriva - the best combination of price and quality! The oil is very fragrant, with the smell of sesame and walnut finish.

iherb: what to order

The benefits of sesame oil and its use in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes a lot of information on the Internet.

Medicinal properties due to a unique fat and vitamin content, as well as macro- and microelements.

The fat composition of sesame oil: omega-3 (0.2%), Omega-6 (45%), Omega-9 (41%) Saturated fatty acids - palmitic, stearic - (about 14%).

I use it for salads, as well as love to add ready-made side dishes (groats, baked potatoes).

Good for sauces (mustard, honey, on the basis of lemon juice).

Sesame oil can be added a little bit in the soup puree (pumpkin, celery). Excellent with spicy dishes and is widely used in Asian cuisine.

Recall that all unrefined oil (Extra Virgin) have very low fuming temperature, so they can not fry - Thus formed carcinogens. They should be used, except for heating!

Also, sesame oil is best for cooking hummus.

I can not share with you a recent discovery - UNIQUE superfud from the company Amazing Grass.

The product is an extract of plants and berries, 100% natural and organic (no chemicals and synthetic vitamins!), Powerful antioxidants known.

iherb: what to order

Here is a clear example. Power antioxidants (= their ability to neutralize free radicals) is measured using a system called ORAC. Broccoli, for example, known for its antioxidant properties, has 900 ORAC units. One portion of the Powder Green Superfood - 15000 units!

As for the impact of antioxidants on the human body, I think, a minimum representation of it have everything to fight aging, support the immune system, significantly reducing the risk of cancer.

The good preparation especially in the winter, during epidemics - that is better than any vitamin activates your immune system. No sleepiness, on the contrary, vigor, vitality and increased efficiency provided - check!

Can I take vitamins instead of Green Superfood? - Definitely, yes! If you read a vitamin composition of the drug, the problem will disappear by itself.

Take the powder may be courses (Bank 1 - 1 course, after - break in 1 month) or over 2-3 months without interruption.

Enough of such banks on 30-60 days, depending on your portion (1 or ½ measuring spoon). The powder is enough to dissolve in water or juice and drink once a day.

Itself personally delighted with the product: for all fall did not hurt once. In the morning I wake up easily and without problems (sleep enough for 6-7 hours). The second course of treatment significantly improved skin and hair. On American sites on Green Superfood many write reviews and rating the highest.

Continuing the theme of vitamins, I would also like to recommend some of the best I know of vitamins Vitamin Code from Garden of Life company.

Suitable for vegetarians, do not contain synthetic substances, 100% organic product. We have these vitamins (not in composition, not in quality) just do not buy. With any pharmacy jar (in the same price range!) Can not be compared, I assure you.

iherb: what to order

With the active lifestyle manufacturer recommends taking vitamins on 4 capsules per day. I usually take 2 (because my life is not so active :) - so banks are missing out on 2 months.

How often take vitamins everyone decides for himself. Someone recommended to drink only in autumn and winter time, some experts say that taking vitamins should always (making only short breaks between courses). Personally, I drink away the course about once a season, or six months (it depends).

Of course, the question of vitamins and other additives is very delicate (someone approaches, some do not), so I note that I in any case do not impose, but simply sharing their experiences. I hope it will be useful :)

Such products can be ordered with iherb maximum benefit. Yes, some of the featured products a good discount is now