From year «to do list»:
• cook stuffed peppers - ✔️Done
Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure - only the smell of what is worth - all the neighbors have fled "))) Elementary recipe: buy peppers))) 6 pcs., Make mincemeat (here all to taste and your discretion;) - about 1 kg, boil rice 3 / 4 glasses (do not want - you can not add) to half-cooked, mixed with minced meat. Yes, I still add onions, carrots, peppers (all finely cut or blended.); spices, of course. Well, sobsna, stuff the peppers and in the oven for about a minute at 45-50 (so that they do not frown or burn, I recommend tightening with foil) ✌️All!) Well, I ran on ...))) From the same list still hangs status "in the process "On the item" Remove the apartment "(now this" attraction "stretches itself by N days

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