Probably everyone at least once in life lamented that cheesecakes do not get: break up, crawl, go flat or liquid, rubber or always burn up. How to cook the cheese cakes, which can be obtained always, perfectly keep their shape (in this case not "hammered" flour), and certainly like her husband and children :), I'll discuss in this article.

How to cook the cheese cakes and some of the flour?

Trying to find your perfect cheesecakes recipe, I tried many tricks, listened to a lot of advice. By the way, "his" recipe for the most delicious cheesecakes I found 5 years ago and since then it has not changed.

Yes, of course, sometimes I add different kinds of flour: Constant Classics - it wheat (Most often used second grade flour or wholegrain), sometimes I do with oat (Will be slightly thicker when cooled from her cheesecakes) rice wholegrain also fits well (to taste almost the same as wheat, absorbs a lot of moisture, so it requires less; in cheesecakes with rice flour soft texture), I like to add coconut (It has a lot of rough fiber, it is also perfectly absorbs moisture, and cheesecakes gives gentle, barely perceptible aroma).

Other types of flour, I do not take for cheesecakes. Of course, all this is a matter of taste (many, I know, like to add the corn flour, but I taste it in baking cheese do not like), like other flour - use on health :) By the way, too, add semolina cheesecakes not recommend (as opposed to! casseroles). For my taste, it they are solid, very dense.

How to cook the cheese cakes: Why cheesecakes fall apart and stick?

I want to dwell for a few moments and talk about common errors and misconceptions.

To begin with cottage cheese. For cheesecakes need a non-liquid, nemokry (and, of course, ne_pastoobrazny!) Cheese. I buy cheese in conventional packs-briquettes (like butter) fat 1-5%. As a rule, low-fat cottage cheese drier. But if you like, and 9% can take the course.

To make cheesecakes, do not need a lot of eggs (but for the casserole on the contrary!), Cheese from them will be much thinner and require more flour, and, consequently, the cheesecakes are obtained rigid and heavy. In 2 or 3 pack cheese (400-600 d) I always take 1 egg. Believe me, this is enough, because our cheesecakes are to be ladnenko Bunnies, not a weakling! :)

About sugar. If you add it, note that a couple of spoonfuls of added - and cheese again became more liquid! Noticed? :) So if you love the sweet cheesecakes, have to add a little more flour. I usually do not add sugar in the cheese cakes (sometimes - a little steviaA little agave syrup). Again this is a matter of taste and habit.

Ни разрыхлитель, ни соду я не добавляю. Иначе во время жарки сырники сильно надуваются, а потом, когда снимаешь со сковородки, сразу становятся заметно меньше, оседают.

As for the meal, the most reliable way - wheat flour (wholegrain or premium - to your taste). In 400 grams of cottage cheese, I usually add 3-4 tablespoons (With an average slide), stir the dough (yes, you can give it to stand 15-20 minutes to flour swelled). In short, 1 tablespoon of flour for every 100 g of cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese dough may seem to you all "dry" is not enough to sculpt cheesecakes. Do not jump to conclusions!

Next - ATTENTION - it is necessary to sprinkle the surface / silicone mat flour. The dough to take a spoon and put directly on the surface sprinkled with a second helping spoon / spatula (because the dough is not sticky hands). Gently obvalivaya flour as breaded, to form a "shaybochki" and put on a hot griddle.

Yes, if necessary, lubricate it with a little butter (with a cloth or brush).

If cheesecakes to stick and leave them on the table, the flour ( "crumbs") is absorbed in the cheese, and is likely to burn on cheesecakes can be (especially if pan is dry).

cheesecakes can also raspolztis and burn on, if you put them in the pan, not obvalivaya in flour. Of course, the "unprotected" curds immediately begins to melt, stick to the pan, and the cheesecake will not hold the shape. Therefore, roll in flour it is necessary! Otherwise you will have to shed a lot of oil to turn the "liquid" cheesecakes.

Again, if you think cottage cheese dough with liquid, do not panic in advance. You can add a spoonful of cornstarch - it also absorbs moisture and "dries" the dough. Further, as I wrote above: just roll in flour cheesecakes - and once on a hot frying pan.

I am faced with the fact that some are added to the dough sour cream or paste (the so-called "soft") cheese. It do not need! It is better to leave them to casseroles :)

As I said, the curd in blocks (they are, as a rule, 200 g) - the key to success!

So here once again bring their cheesecakes recipe that always turn out :)

How to cook the cheese cakes: Recipe


  • curd - 400 g;
  • 1 egg;
  • flour* - 3-4 tbsp;
  • vanilla - to taste;
  • sugar - to taste.

*You can use any flour to your taste (wheat, rice, oats). Please note, if you are ready to coconutThen roll cheesecakes still recommend wheat flour, so "shaybochki" will be perfect to keep shape (in wheat flour have gluten, which including "glues" the dough).


Cottage cheese rubbed with egg until smooth.

Add a spoonful of flour, sugar, vanilla. Allow to stand the test 15-20 minutes.

Pans properly warm up, if necessary, a little grease.

Spoon cottage cheese spread on a floured surface and obvalivaya flour, shape. The dough will be quite sticky hands with him can not work. But at the same time, well cheesecakes roll in flour, they do not fall apart and not Bree!

Fry, UncoveredBy 1,5-2 minutes on each side over medium heat. When the cheese cakes are browned on both sides, you can turn down the heat to low and cover (minutes on 2-3).

Before serving, I recommend a little cool!