That cream cheese easy to cook at home, I heard a long time ago, but did not dare to try, why, they say, if you can go to the store and buy ready-made. And just recently I was seized a curiosity, I decided, prepare it, in that no matter what - I should check out!

I cook ... and was very pleased! Any "gotchas", the ingredients are simple and accessible to all, everything turned out well, as described in the recipe. Cooking time 10 minutes + day or two at the "maturation". And finally, the cost of the cottage cheese several times lower than the shopping.

Taste worthy similarities literally one to one (and if you use cream cheese home to cook cheesecake, rolls, even a professional taster will not guess that he home-made :).

Итак, как приготовить сливочный сыр Philadelphia в домашних условиях, вы можете узнать, downloading the recipe here.