There is hardly a person who has never heard of iherb - US site where you can get useful products superfudy, sports nutrition, cosmetics, etc. However, one thing I know for sure: few know. how to order iherb profitablyThat's right, the right products and maximum savings.

Often people are just afraid to use the service (they say, "the money, I'll pay now, and then wait for the carriage and go and sort things out, everything was there I correctly filled and who then seek"), believing that it is better to overpay and order from middleman, but "guaranteed."

My own article is for those who want to, but does not know how to order a iherb correctly, the maximum benefit, receiving a nice bonus. And for those who might be interested in information about the products that are best to buy it at iherb: and much cheaper, and unique from domestic manufacturers, you simply will not find.

Of course, not all relevant purchase on iherb: so, for example, many types of useful flour it is now easy to buy and we (Russia and CIS countries), in pharmacies and specialty stores are increasingly seen natural sweeteners (stevia syrup agave, etc.), peanut butter on the shelves - it is also not uncommon. Definitely, it is inappropriate to order iherb that one can easily buy from us.

Another thing, if "unique" products (we just do not have this, alas - they write below), or those that can be ordered with iherb much cheaper.

How to order with iherb: step by step instructions

So, if you have never ordered on iherbThen I will tell you the good news: the first order in the amount of $ 40 you get a guaranteed discount in the amount of $ 10When you order a smaller amount - discount $5. A trifle, but nice, you will agree!

Now comes the step by step instructions how to order a iherb.

1. Регистрация на сайте.

Come on and enter your details. The site is scheduled to open in Russian (if not - select Russian language in the menu in the upper left corner).

  • E-mail Address - to enter the e-mail address
  • Re-Enter E-mail Address - to confirm the e-mail address
  • Choose a Password - choose a password
  • Confirm Password - confirm the selected password.

Next, put a tick in front of Yes If you want to receive newsletter (coming rarely), or NoIf you do not want, press Create an account (Create an Account).

2. Your account has been created, you can make purchases.

Now you need to go to you are interested in topics / categories of goods (eg, Products or Beauty- All categories are represented in the top on the green line), select the desired item and press the button Add to Cart (Add to Cart).

Also, products can be searched by entering the name into the search box (at the top). For example, when requesting a "coconut oil" will open a huge list of products whose name contains the key phrase.

You can sort the items in the list by popularity, price and so on (see. In the picture above right). This is very handy if you, for example, want to find the products with the highest rating, or on sale.

Coconut oil on iherb

3. After selecting a product, you get in your shopping cart.

If you want to choose to continue shopping, then press Continue shopping (Continue Shopping). If you have finished shopping, go to the registration. But before you draw your first orderEnter the code for the discount on iherb at $ 10 or 5 $ (SNH738) In a special field, then click on the arrow ( "upgrade") at the end of the line.

Please note that the discount on the first order can already be displayed in the basket, then it is not necessary to re-enter.

Select a country for delivery from the list (for example, Russian Federation and Belarus), hereinafter - the delivery method.

Delivery method (and its cost) will depend on the amount of your order and the weight of the parcel. Carefully read the description and limitations of each of the methods of delivery.

The most optimal and convenient delivery method for the residents of Russia - BoxBerry from $ 4 (Can express home delivery or pickup of the points of issue in your town), I advise you to choose it. Delivery times - about 14-20 days.

International Airmail (- read! but there are weight and cost constraints) is also available.

For residents of Belarus - only International Airmail ($ 4). Oh, and keep in mind that in one parcel can be folded goods worth no more than $ 80 and 4 weight not heavier pounds (1814 g). Delivery times - 2-4 weeks, it depends.

4. Then proceed to registration (Proceed to Checkout).

Fill in the delivery address and a billing address in Latin letters.

Адрес доставки - This is the address where the package will come. By the way, these addresses may be several (if you place an order, for example, for yourself, friends and so forth.). You can first fill one address, and then add new or modify existing, if necessary.

Billing address - This is the address of your registration on the passport (in a simple way - your registration). These fields are also to be filled.

Payment details - A bank card, which you will pay for the purchase. Simply fill in all required fields: the card number, cardholder name, the CVV code. Do not be afraid - without your knowledge tools to be written off the card, of course, will not!

As I wrote earlier, it is necessary to fill in all the fields in English (for example, Moscow, Russian Federation, Startovaya street, 31-100).

After filling in all fields, press Next. Check all the data and place the order (confirmation of order information and status will come to your e-mail).

How to order with iherb: bonuses and referral system

Please note that available for new customers free goods.

there is also a section goods with super discount (Up to 60%!) - I usually buy there anything from cosmetics (lip balmsGood shampoos are heavily discounted) vitamins и биодобавки , каких у нас по такой цене не купишь.

The site is referral discounts: After the first order discount code will be assigned to you iherb, which you can give to friends and family (they will receive a guaranteed discount $ 10 or $ 5 the first orderAnd you - a small bonus (%) in terms of money, which will also be able to spend after paying their next purchase).

Each time, coming into your account at iherb, you'll be taken to a page with your orders history. There you will see and assigned you the code, as well as bonuses available.

Sometimes, by the way, iherb makes small "pleasantness" as, for example, an additional discount on the total purchase price (if you buy often in the amount of $ 30) or multiplying your bonus accumulated currency, which again you can also spend on new purchases.

How to order with iherb: best price-performance ratio

Often I confronted with the question of what to order on iherb? I know that many bought it and flour and tea and peanut butter, and cosmetics ...

Personally I do not see the point of order that can be bought from us at the same price or cheaper. Overpay only for «organic» nothing!

I order I needed goods (often - food), which buy from us or can not be, or we have - many times more expensive.

I would like to mention a few of their favorite products from the category "Best value for money PRICE".

For example, the organic acai berry powder - A unique product: antioxidant, a valuable source of vegetable protein, and omega fatty acids. Substance in its composition help to capture free radicals and maintain the integrity of the cardiovascular system. More if you want you can read about the product, from the following link, or on other sites on the Internet.

I add a spoonful of powder in smoothies, water, cottage cheese, yogurt and fermented baked milk. The taste is pleasant, slightly sour.

Powder Acai Berry

Coconut oil virgin - Does not lose its properties during heating becomes not carcinogenic frying (unlike other oils)! It lacks a very long time (a large bank and, say, to fry cheesecakes, enough to moisten it a silicone spatula or brush and grease the pan). At room temperature it solidifies (becomes a thickish, creamy), so also great for baking (instead of butter).

The oil has a light, airy coconut flavor, if you use it a little bit, such as cooking or add to the finished dish, it is almost non-existent.

I use butter in cooking (add to baked goods, cereal, useful waffles ., Etc.), as well as for cosmetic purposes (hair mask, sometimes put on the skin after a shower, you can use the oil after the solarium and sunbathing).

Coconut oil iherb

The benefits of coconut oil a lot of information on the Internet (not to be confused with palm!), You can easily find it if you wish.

Еще про один товар хочу вам рассказать, т.к. открыла его для себя недавно и пребываю в полном восторге от этого открытия!:) Это peanut meal (Roasted).

Peanut flour - no other than the finely milled peanut oil cake after removing from it the oil, why flour contains a low percentage of fat ~ 12 g (unlike peanut raw) and a high percentage of protein ~ 50 g, as well as in the flour contains a lot of fiber ( coarse fiber, indispensable for our intestines).

At peanut flour pronounced taste and odor (as in peanut butter).

And now reveal to you a little secret. If the flour diluted with plain water (say, a teaspoon of flour 1 - 3-4 tsp water), you get the same peanut butter with low fat content. And most importantly - without extraneous additives! Sometimes I do not even breed flour with water, and add it directly to the finished product: cereal, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt (in this case it is enough ½-1 teaspoon of peanut pronounced taste). It dissolves easily without lumps.

Можно, конечно, добавлять муку и в выпечку, запеканки, сырники, печенье, тоже получается очень вкусно, аромат сумасшедший (уверена, любители арахисовой пасты оценят:)! Я же в основном использую ее именно как пасту – развожу водой либо прямо в сухом виде добавляю в готовый продукт.

In our stores I have not seen anything like it. Like natural that the composition without trans-fats and sugars (which are usually found in peanut butter), long enough, using the spoon few calories (about 360 100 to g). What is particularly nice, with no remorse even add it to the cottage for dinner :)

Yes, I advise you still try to prepare any cake (for example, chocolate:), And the cream add a couple of spoonfuls of peanut flour. We obtain a bomb!

Peanut flour iherb

It is the same with coconut flour - Is milled and partially defatted coconut cake, after removal of the oil therefrom.

This flour also ordering here because the online stores we have it is many times more expensive. In addition to iherb often shares and sold the flour with a good discount.

Its distinguishing feature is that the flour absorbs a lot of moisture, so it should be quite a bit. For example, cheese cakes (in 400 grams of cottage cheese), I add it all 1-2 spoons to give a bit of cottage cheese dough to stand, then as usual I form "shaybochki" (flour for breading take longer normal) and fry. Cheesecakes (and casserole) with coconut flour love - light coconut flavor and an unusual texture ... mmm)

Coconut flour also contains many coarse fiber and protein. Slightly sweetish taste. Of course, you can add in any pastries, but I add only the curd.

Yes, I will mention that the flour is very economical to use.

Also, all of the dream to try to cook coconut flour makarons (crispy "pechenyushki" from almond flour), know that coconut they also do. Be sure to pull yourself together! :)

Coconut flour iherb

О продуктах еще могла бы продолжать (буду делиться с вами в новых статьях:), товары же из списка выше – мои фавориты, именно то, что у нас купить нельзя (или стоит намного дороже), то, что я заказываю чаще всего.

Hopefully, the above information was helpful :)