How I love porridge from whole oats! For a long time I could not find her in the shops, she finally got to me recently. After such a cereal flakes - not at all) Although, I know that many on the contrary the grain does not like) - a matter of habit and taste.
Soak before cooking, at least for a couple of hours (you can at night), then cook 20-30 minutes (usually in the evening). In the end I add (sometimes) a spoonful of oatmeal. Oatmeal, nuts / achenes, sometimes a little cheese (at will and mood :) and I let it brew. You can add milk (at the end of cooking), but I do not like milk porridge. Ready - a little butter or peanut. Pasta homemade (the recipe is on my site;). I sit and smack then these steamed grain "(who ate, he will understand)). It's unbelievable!
And another such oatmeal (grain) can be baked in the oven with an apple / cranberry / cinnamon - it turns out straight as a delicacy, like a pie! Recipe also look for✌️ (in the search for the word "oatmeal" :) And let your morning regardless of the circumstances be delicious!

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