I ate quiche only a few times (always in a cafe: spinach, fish, with leek) and for some reason never thought that his house is a snap to prepare. And finally I decided - my first quiche with broccoli and chicken.

If you've never tried this masterpiece French cuisineI can assume that you will enjoy a high degree of certainty. Kish - he is, he can not not like it :)

Firstly, quiche - it is very tasty! Delicate shortbread dough and lots of toppings. Moreover, it can be anything: chicken or fish, spinach, broccoli, cheese, beans, onion, sorrel; In short, any vegetables and, of course, eggs and cheese, which is poured thick layer of filling.

My quiche with broccoli and chicken is not simple, it is as you might have guessed, the "correct": chick-pea flour (the basis), to the same - without oil. Do not be afraid that the quiche diet, on it, believe me, just delicious :)

And French quiches like me because of the simple ingredients obtained quite a complete main course, beautiful, tasty, satisfying, and he was not ashamed of guests present - «wow-effect" is provided!

And finally: diet quiche with broccoli and chicken is good as завтракAnd for lunch ... and even for dinner.

Quiche with broccoli and chicken: a recipe

Ingredients for the dough (in the form of 22-24 cm):

  • Chickpea flour* - 200-220 g;
  • 1 egg;
  • curd - 100 g;
  • Salt - a pinch.

*If you want, you can use 50: 50 with whole grain wheat.

For the filling:

  • chicken - 400 g;
  • broccoli - 200-250 g;
  • curd - 150-200 g;
  • eggs - 3 pieces;
  • cheese - 1-2 handfuls;
  • salt and spices - to taste;
  • fresh greens - optional.


Cooking dough. Cottage cheese is good with egg whisk in a blender until smooth. Add flour, salt and knead the dough (a spoon, spatula or using a special mixer nozzle).

First, the dough may seem a bit sticky, but after a couple minutes of flour will take all the excess moisture and swell, the dough will become the right consistency. Roll it on a floured surface, gently insert into the form (or, as an option, you can "roll out" the dough directly in the form of distributing fingers - as you prefer).

Make bumpers of the test (higher), the extra pieces can be neatly trimmed.

Put the form with the dough in a preheated oven 180 degree minute 7-10, so that it is slightly browned. Remove the form (as long as it is not required).

Cooking stuffing. Chicken cut into small pieces and cook (10-15 minutes). You can also use a ready-made fillets - then simply crush it, in its sole discretion.

Broccoli Boil 5-7 minutes in salted water.

Cottage cheese, a pinch of salt and 1 egg whisk with a blender until smooth. Optionally, you can add the cottage cheese fresh herbs.

The mass of cheese lay out on the basis of the test, on it - the chicken pieces, top layer - the broccoli. Right in the form of a little mix layers.

2 Whisk eggs (can be added to them just a little bit of milk) and grated cheese, add salt and favorite spices to taste. Pour this mixture quiche and put in the oven minutes with 20-30 180-200 degrees.

Before you get quiche, you can sprinkle a little cheese and give it browned a couple of minutes.

Quiche with broccoli and chicken is ready!

Wait for cooling and then remove from the mold.

Serve the quiche with broccoli and chicken is best in a warm (not hot!) As though to confess, he's good and cold :)