Before you begin a story about a favorite dessert of Italians, which is the panna cotta, I confess to you ... I'm a terrible sweet tooth. Sweet virtually any manifestation I love: I love to cook (sometimes even more than it is!), I love to enjoy the flavors in the process, like to try, to treat. [* But this does not mean that I eat it often, and I can not control myself *]

Although, to tell you the truth, I often deceive my body (my way is to "feed" his coveted "sweetness" and at the same time stay with a clear conscience :) - I cook the yummies from the "right" ingredients. First, in order to maximize the health benefits (I already said that I use flour with a low glycemic index, except for those occasions when celebrating cakes :). Secondly, I try to avoid the use of fatty and high-calorie ingredients (as well as products with a dubious composition). Thirdly, in all my "sweets" (except, I repeat, real cakes - I perceive them as a true work of art :) I do not use sugar.

Panna Cotta (Panna cotta) - a dessert for a long time my favorite. The original version of it - no matter the taste of chocolate, berry and coffee - is able to bring to mind any. Gentle, melting in the mouth, panna cotta coats, leaving a pleasant creamy aftertaste and your buds begin to eagerly demand more and more, it is simply impossible to stop!

What is particularly pleasing is my panna cotta - being diet, it is not inferior to taste the original; However, the dessert - a low-calorie, and you can even eat it in the evening; supplying a variety of options; Products for making available to all, everything is very simple, but how many filing options: for everyday life, and for the holidays!

Coffee Panna Cotta: dessert recipe, light version

Ingredients (for 3-4 servings):

  • soft cheese / Greek yogurt - 250 g;
  • milk - 200 ml;
  • strong coffee - 150 ml;
  • honey / syrup / sugar cane - 2-3 tablespoon (or to taste);
  • gelatin (powder) - 10-12 of


Weld strong coffeeA little cool.

Soak gelatin in milk, let swell (leaving minute 30), then warm up to complete dissolution. A little cool.

Pour the milk to soft cheese, thoroughly mix blender (in an ideal - until small bubbles). Small portions add coffee and stir again blender. Add honey / sugar / syrup and stir until smooth (I recommend to try to sweetness and adjust if necessary).

Pour the panna cotta on the forms and store in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

When applying you can decorate the dessert with berries, chocolate, coffee beans, syrup.

Be sure to try to prepare the Panna Cotta - could hardly be easier to come up with something, but how much pleasure!

Coffee Panna Cotta (light)