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And the most common is probably the question that I encounter most often: "what kind of flour can be for weight loss?" Or (a variation :) "and this torment unless it is possible to PePe / losing weight?". Meets Alexander Druz
With regard to nutrition, again, "a set of rules and laws PePe" at the legislative level does not prohibit the use of wheat flour and replace it with only "correct")). Again, everything is just a matter of taste / preferences / indications for health. If you are cheerful, happy and healthy, what makes sense to buy the same rice flour, just because it is "more PePe than wheat?" - That's why ???))
Well ... live in harmony with them, observing measure in all;) And Weight Loss (not to be confused with the health / digestive / quality of life, etc.) does not depend on specific products! None of the public!) ✌️
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