In one of the first articles of this site, I looked into in detail, natural sweeteners (Only those products that do not harm health and are dietary, low glycemic index, and "pure" composition). Of course, coconut sugar (not to be confused with a cane) can be safely attributed to this category.

By the way, one of the site devoted to articles and fructose - A product that is often mistaken for a useful alternative to sugar. it IN NO EVENT SHALL NOT SO!

About coconut sugar, I learned and tried recently. It can be safely recommended for people who care about their figure and health. When a diabetic diet, he also shows (but consult your doctor - is necessary).

In short, the product is recommended for all those who adhere to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Coconut sugar: composition and origin

For us, this product is definitely new, unlike Asia, Australia, the United States, where the benefits of coconut sugar is known for a long time.

Coconut sugar produced from the nectar of inflorescences and coconut is in the form of syrup, and as our usual pellets.

Flower coconut palm trees pruned several times during 3-4 hours, and is attached to the flower container collects nectar. After it is filtered and evaporated in large capacity to the state of syrup, and the intensity of the evaporation temperature is gradually increased after the desired degree of thickening, the syrup is filtered.

In order to obtain sugar, moisture is evaporated from the syrup, and then cooled. As a result, the sugar crystallization process produces granules. This method of production of coconut sugar allows us to speak about the exceptional utility and natural products.

Note that coconut sugar (100% organic product) - Cane is not identical since the last in the manufacturing process traditionally used slaked lime.

Coconut sugar contains ten times more zinc and four times more magnesium than in his "kinsmen". Iron in coconut sugar as much more than thirty-six times! This is quite unusual, but the explanation is simple - lack of product processing and cleaning, which are subject to the production of other types of sugar.

Moreover, the product is rich in B vitamins, minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, as well as above-mentioned.

Coconut sugar: the benefits and harms

First of all, I would say that its use is, of course, due to the presence of those vitamins and minerals that are written above.

Также кокосовый сок, из которого производится сахар, содержит шестнадцать аминокислот! Самое высокое содержание имеет аминокислота глютамин. Он незаменим при лечении тяжелых заболеваний, травм, ранений, ожогов, помогает заживлять раны у послеоперационных пациентов.

Одним из важнейших достоинств кокосового сахара считается его низкий glycemic index - 35. Although the product is high calorie (kcal ~ 380 100 g), we can safely say that it will not harm the body to increase blood sugar levels, which was confirmed by numerous tests doctors and scientists.

Furthermore, coconut sugar helps produce the hormone in the organism (glucagon), Which helps to burn fat and improve the cardiovascular system. Also, the product has a positive effect directly on the work of the heart, improves sleep quality, reduces the risk of cancer.

If we talk about the harmful properties of the product, then there are none. The main damage that can cause the body to coconut sugar - a overdoses.

Coconut sugar for weight loss

To say that coconut sugar - ideal for weight loss, it would be all right. After all, the glycemic index - it is, in fact, the rate of speed of assimilation of carbohydrates, BUT not their number. Remember that adding coconut sugar in your meals - of course, it increases the total calorie

However, if you use coconut sugar in small quantities (to give dishes a symbolic sweetness), keep records of calories eaten (as well as protein / fat / carbs) and does not exceed its rate, the use of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, which is a natural and organic , will only do you good.

Coconut sugar is digested more slowly than usual to us white, and serves as an excellent source of energy, as a complex carbohydrate. But if abused ( "he's a useful - it means you can"), then, of course, about the weight loss can not be considered.

Besides coconut sugar somewhat less sweet than conventional. Attributed it to the plus or minus - you decide.