I understand immodest claim like that "on the threshold", that according to this recipe you bake the best carrot cake, but I'm afraid that this is indeed the case :))

I have repeatedly tried and baked carrot muffins and cakes (like a pastry, "juicy", spicy, with a characteristic texture of carrot cake) and I must admit, it has always turned out delicious. But this time the carrot cake surpassed himself! And I can safely say this is the best carrot cake from those that I have tried to date.

It perfectly all: moderately sweet, carrot component itself is not felt, but in the taste of many "shades" and it is simply impossible to unravel.

Dates, orange, chocolate, cinnamon, "married" is the ideal way. The taste is very rich. And if you've never tried the carrot cake (well, you know, there are people with such prejudices, "Carrot No, thank you!"), Do not be afraid - try to be sure you will not regret! It is a real treat. And personally in my ranking of this cake is one of the three most delicious (there is still Napoleon и Honey cake:).

In general, I will not try to persuade you :) - this is the best carrot cake! All the oven!

Yes, because these ingredients obtained 1 cake (in the form of 18-20 cm), which can be safely cut in the after part of the 2. Want high cake, as in the photo? Multiply all the ingredients to 2, 2 bake cakes at a time, the result will be by cutting, 4. And your carrot cake is high, but on an even more delicious :) Come?

Best carrot cake: recipe

Ingredients for the cake (to form 18-20 cm):

  • flour - 150 g;
  • sugar - 110-120 g;
  • Fresh carrots - 220 g;
  • vegetable oil (unscented) - 130 ml;
  • eggs S1 - 2 pieces;
  • cocoa powder - 1,5 tbsp;
  • orange peel 1;
  • dates* - A handful or to taste;
  • Cinnamon - 1 tsp;
  • baking powder - ¾ tsp;
  • soda - ½ tsp;
  • salt - ½ tsp

*Replace dates to other dried fruits do not advise. If no dates, nothing is better not to use.

Ingredients for the cream (the number is indicated for high cake baked from 2 () cakes!):

  • cream cheese** (E.g., Philadelphia, Almette or analogs) - 300 g;
  • non-acidic sour cream (fat content of 27%) - 350-400 g;
  • sugar - 100 g or to your taste.

**How to cook a real cream cheese a la Philadelphia at home, see.here.

Cooking cakes:

Dates soak in warm water minute 30. Once cut into medium-sized pieces.

Carrots grate (chips).

In a bowl sift the flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt, baking powder, cinnamon.

Beat eggs with sugar until fluffy (minutes 2-3), enter parts oil. Stir until unification.

In the wet mixture to enter the dry ingredients parts, mixing spatula or whisk (whisk and knead for a long time is not necessary, just before the merger). Then enter the carrots, chopped dates, orange zest. Stir quickly (again, it is important not peremesit dough), poured into a mold and bake in a preheated oven 180 45 degree-60 minutes (until dry toothpick).

Cool the first bit in the form cake extract and wait until it cools (ideally - at lattice) (!), After which it can be cut.

Yes, if you plan to collect the carrot cake the next day, wrap the cake in plastic wrap (without cutting) and store in the refrigerator. During the night it will become "juicier" and tastier.

cream Preparation:

Cold cream Beat with sugar until fluffy (first, perhaps, it would seem that it becomes thinner, continue beating for at least 3-5 minutes).

Gently introduce a spoonful cream cheese. Beat on low speed, gradually increasing speed, until smooth (do not need a long time).

Cream obtained fairly stable. If you want it to become even tighter, put it in the fridge for an hour 1.


Finished cakes cut lengthwise.

Before you put the first cake, spread with a little cream in a dish, to the cake does not slide, and the first is better soaked cake.

Fluff abundantly cream cakes and sides of all necessary.

Ready carrot cake decorate walnuts (also suitable roasted salted peanuts), chocolate chips or popcorn. Berries and fruits are good too - it's a matter of taste and your imagination.

Be sure to give the cake to soak overnight (or 5-6 hours) in the fridge.

Enjoy your tea with the best carrot cake!