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We decided to go to the park to the river for a walk - beautiful, a lot of snow, no cars, passers-by, dirty and stupid sandboxes
We arrived ... to get from the car to the destination, the "epicenter" of grace)), so to speak, it takes another 15 minutes to pass ... Well, they put the baby in a stroller, they say, now we are alive in two counts ... - no! In the wheelchair, we categorically refuse to sit since we learned to walk. As it is, on the frying pan, it's only "itself". Okay) Itself, so itself. Have moved ...) How long, short (well, judge for yourself: at a speed of 0,02 km / h) ... an hour passed half of the intended path (that 15 minutes to go). Here someone already, you see, are leaving silk - in the cosmonaut's suit this is still fitness. He began to whine, they say, on the handles. In addition, in the carriage - again to no one, exactly in the hands! "Or, in general," he says, "I will not go anywhere, but I'll lie straight here!" (Well, he says it, in a raccoon, I translate this type)). Dad took in his arms ... it is clear that already in the direction of parking you have to move, someone has already walked up, the battery is in the village))) Let's go back, so ...
In short, a good walk "Still, so far, we decided that our walks are a playground near the house - we can at least reach it at its speed))) Do you often (during the winter) often walk? In any weather? What do you do when you walk?

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