Finally arrived "Almost 3 days of forest, 2 day field"
• Night flight (and before that by train to Moscow time) - and we are on the site. Again in Turkey. Sonya fell asleep at the airport (an hour before 2 before landing), and slept almost the entire flight! Of course, the ability to carry a child in a stroller to the gangway is very cool, the main thing is to take care that he is warm and comfortable.
• Why in Turkey? It would seem that now is not the season, but it's not so: the hotel is filled, swims with might and main * water 23-24 gr *, sunbathe in the afternoon. Yes, at night and in the morning it's pretty cool (about 12), but the clock with 10-11 starts to heat up sharply. In the afternoon, it's quite cool in the evening, well, closer to the night, of course, you need to warm up) But we like it. We are right after the February holiday felt all the cymes)) of this kind of rest. Straight cool! Only managed to get us out during school holidays
• Yes, and if anyone is interested - the hotel is straight very recommend! From the heart!))

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