Probably everyone knows the famous Scottish cookie Walkers (chocolate, oatmeal, with chocolate drops) ?;) Today it baked it according to the classic recipe - it's incredibly tasty, made from the "right" ingredients (the amount of sugar can be minimized or replaced with honey / syrup and so forth), flies away instantly!
And you know what I thought: every time I see a mother in the store who buys cookies in packs for children (imported expensive or domestic, it is not important, the composition is usually not good both there and there, it is checked more than once ...). And I think: it's so simple, having spent 20-30 minutes, bake a similar cookie at home, it's cheaper, and more useful, and most importantly - tastier! Do not get tired of wondering ...
❗️A recipe is already on the site (link - in the profile on the main page). Be sure to bake to children / colleagues / husband / guests - it's really cool "

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