Now, on the eve of the carnival, I often get questions from your subscribers why not turn the pancakes and how to prepare the perfect dough.

Yes there carnival - the theme of pancakes, I'm sure, is relevant all year round! We, for example, traditionally bake them almost every weekend (well, except that sometimes alternating or bake cheesecakes, or usefulи waffles:).

But back to the pancakes! Whether the practice I have enough (and it is already more than 10 years), or my mother's recipe for a proven and failsafe (so that all of their school and university girlfriends I told them "infected"), but I can say for sure without false modesty: never faced the problem "can not be obtained pancakes."

housewives often err on flour (say, "always used the flour of the same brand, and now has moved to the other, and the pancakes do not turn") in a pan (believe me, was I just not baked pancakes in his university years in a hostel!), I can to say that, having proven recipe and knowing a few tricks, you will be able to bake pancakes from almost anything and everything :)

Below I will discuss the most common questions on the part of the pancakes, which I had to face. And, of course, I offer you his signature recipe and a few tricks that may help you understand why your pancakes can not be obtained.

Do not turn the pancakes: they become dry and hard when cooled.

As far as I know from my own experience, dry pancakes are obtained, if the oven is their only milk / water, without using the starter (whey, yogurt, etc.). In this case, the pancakes are elastic only until hot. When cool, then dry out, become harsh, may be wrinkled if em in the air.

I personally never bake pancakes exclusively on milk / water. My rule of thumb - the test for pancakes should be something sour (yes, by the way, sour milk also fit perfectly), then the pancakes are obtained NEpresnye, NEsuhie, and very delicate, not shrink or become rigid (yes, it happens even store them a couple of days in a frying pan under the lid or in the refrigerator, and they are just as tasty as just piping hot).

In short, if the pancakes are obtained with dry or rubber, try adding low-fat yogurt in the dough / serum / yogurt / sour milk in a ratio of 60% (milk): 40% (leaven).

And again, remember, too much protein in the dough egg makes pancakes tough, rubber. I do not think that in the pancake batter should be putting more 2h eggs (I personally even on a large portion always put great 1).

Do not turn the pancakes: edge dry and brittle.

This problem happens often. The edges dry up almost always, sometimes at the edge of the pancake housewives very crumble, pancakes and lose their "trademark" look. Some like the dry edge, especially children often love them to break off and eat, so I did, and as a child :)

Those who want to solve this problem, my advice is simple: stack the finished pancakes on a flat plate or another clean pan and cover with lid / other plate (large diameter). It will be well stewed pancakes from its own heat and, after lying just a couple of minutes, the edges are soft. Try it and see, personally I always do.

I know many are advised to grease plentifully pancakes with butter, pour more oil into the dough and so forth. If you like, then, of course, can and grease, and pour. But it is not sure it will solve the problem.

My way, I assure you, works flawlessly - just cover the finished pancakes!

Do not turn the pancakes: it is impossible to turn, are broken.

If your dough is turned out quite thick, the pancakes are thick and loose, with difficulty will roll may break. In this case, I advise you dilute the dough with milk (or add a little water).

At the other extreme - too much batter. In this case, add a little flour, sifting and stirring whisk to avoid lumps. You can also add 1-2 teaspoons cornstarch, he "fasten" the dough.

Ideally, after the dough is mixed up, give it to stand 15-30 minutes to the gluten in the flour has started to work, and could swelled sufficiently occur during baking. Sometimes I knead the dough in the evening, leave for the night, and bake in the morning (after standing overnight, it becomes thicker, I only slightly dilute it to the right consistency - in this case, are obtained excellent pancakes!).

And, of course, make sure you thoroughly warmed up frying pan (pour the batter should be in the red-hot, not warm surface).

Yes, and it is desirable to use a special pancake griddle. It should be intended only for the pancakes.

Do not turn the pancakes in the hole.

Openwork pancakes are due to the action of yeast (or leaven, which I wrote above). If you cook the dough with milk, a similar effect can be achieved only with the help of soda or baking powder. But there is a catch. Putting enough soda, the desired result is not achieved: the holes will not appear, and the pancake remains tight. And if it is generously pour your delicate pancakes are unpleasant smell soda; I assure you, the resulting holes do not compensate for side effect, ie, odor.

Personally I do not use baking soda - the dough, where there is a yogurt, it just is not necessary to add.

Also, as far as I know, in the pancake batter can add a little soda water, boiling water, beer - these ingredients will make your pancakes laced.

Finally, the pancakes, which are always obtained, recipe


  • wheat flour* - 1,5 glass;
  • low-fat yogurt / whey / buttermilk - 1,5 glass;
  • milk - 1,5 glass;
  • 1 egg;
  • sugar and salt - to taste.

*You can also use other kinds of flour: oatmeal, wholegrain wheat, rye, polbyanuyu. Or mix them in the same proportion that you like.


Beat egg, add all liquid ingredients and mix.

In small portions to pour the sifted flour, stirring vigorously.

If the dough turned out not enough fluid and smooth, add a little milk or water.

To test remained in lumps, it is possible to mix all homogeneity using a blender.

Add salt and sugar to taste.

(If you still are not sure of your frying pan, add the dough 1 teaspoon cornstarch)

Writing test stand 15-30 minutes.

Red-hot frying pan to grease a small amount of vegetable refined oil before baking the first pancake (hereinafter - on request, but can not be lubricated).

Dial ladle the batter, pour it into the center of the pan and spread over the entire surface.

On medium heat, fry the pancakes on one side for a minute (or be guided by the fact that the edge browns), turn and fry another 40 seconds (check raised).

Ready-fold pancakes pile on a plate and be sure to cover! At the request can promazyvat each pancake with butter.

Enjoy your appetite and cheerful carnival!