# ne_eda) Just happy raccoon, which scratched the top)))
The cold is wild, despite the blush on our cheeks, we bask near the barbecue (in the village we came to my grandmother's husband on the other:) ... The cat here is local, getting stuck, like a tractor, trying to please everything)), and, look, start singing songs))) Also to the barbecue presses - the fur coat does not heat (And here we have grapes, straight plantation ... it's frozen and looks like sherbet ice cream! And pears neighbor, yeah, and walnuts are still "Otherwise - the nature seemed to fall ill, gloomily, field-gardens were plowed, nests of storks were emptied ... And so, it used to fly over the garden low and low and on to yshu sit. Or get out of the house in the morning, as he walks across the garden ...
But at us a shish kebab festive and Napoleon with Медовиком

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