Столкнувшись с серьезной проблемой недостатка железа в организме и, как следствие, низкого гемоглобина, перерыла кучу литературы, сайтов, инструкций к фармацевтическим препаратам, дабы для начала пролить свет на этот вопрос и, разумеется, решить. Но не все оказалось так просто. Быстро повысить гемоглобин, как обещали купленные препараты европейских производителей на основе железа, оказалось очень даже проблематично:(

Quickly increase hemoglobin: is it dangerous iron deficiency and how?

I dwell more on why the problem should be solved immediately, and what is fraught with a lack of iron and low hemoglobin levels.

In fact, this problem is very serious, and I felt myself. Iron deficiency, which leads to a decrease in hemoglobin level and the development of anemia, affects the work of many organs and systems.

Perhaps one of the most important functions of iron - participate in the process of hematopoiesis. Every day, the bone marrow must produce 170 billion red blood cells, and it is impossible without the participation of iron.

The protein responsible for transporting oxygen in human blood - hemoglobin. Due to intense enough blood, hemoglobin decreased significantly, from oxygen starvation of the brain affected. For children this is especially dangerous, as their reduced mental capacity. For pregnant women - a huge threat to oxygen starvation of a child in the womb. Constant fatigue, low blood pressure, dizziness and weakness - these are the symptoms that are experienced by people with a deficiency of iron.

Serious blow to apply and on the immune system, because iron is involved in the process phagocytosisAnd then only when sufficient quantities of trace elements in the body can talk about immunity as such: a weakened body can not fight colds, which are becoming protracted, as a consequence, there are complications.

Also iron regulates the function of the thyroid gland (again, not enough iron - hormones are synthesized in the wrong amount, and there is a "failure", worsens the metabolism), it has a significant effect on the hair and nail condition, is involved in the processes of tissue regeneration, controls cholesterol metabolism and It helps neutralize toxic substances that enter the body.

Special danger points listed above are for pregnantWhose immune system is weakened and so, and the body is working at the limit due to the increased blood volume, the growth of the placenta and fetus. Accordingly, it requires more and iron. Its deficiency in any case can not be ignored - kid's life under threat. Also at risk of nursing mothers, the elderly and those who underwent surgery, a large blood loss.

So, you see, the role of iron in the body can not be overestimated - it is truly one of the most important elements for a person. And eliminate its deficit it is necessary to immediately and as long as it did not lead to serious consequences.

Quickly increase hemoglobin: how to choose the right iron supplements

According to medical statistics, at least 80% of people do not get enough iron chronic and long condition it is hidden, evolving as a result of oxygen deprivation, the brunt falls on the brain and heart, also disrupted the normal operation of cells, tissues and other organs.

It is no secret that it is recommended to use as much as possible of iron products for the prevention of iron deficiency. This, above all, liver (pork), seaweed, buckwheat, dried fruit, beef and beans. Below I will give a table of iron content (in mg) per g 100 that debunk many of the myths about certain foods "rich in iron."

But first, a little turn to the figures. An adult human of iron ranges 3,5-5 g. 65-70% of it accounts for hematopoiesis, 4% - for iron-containing enzymes and about 25% are stored in the liver. Also, every day we lose 1-2 mg (women in the period of menstruation are much larger, 15-30 mg). With food, if we talk about a balanced diet, an average of 10-15 mg of iron comes in daily, and only 10-15% of this amount we can absorb. It turns out, at best, we get 1-2 mg of microelement with food, can you imagine ??? Of course, this is negligible. And in total with this scenario we will somehow be "in the red." Therefore, we must either revise the diet (in favor of iron-containing products), or additionally take medications iron.

But as a solid all doctors: iron deficiency, if any, does not make this element derived from food. The scheme described above only works to maintain if the body and so all is well.

It follows that the need to replenish iron deficiency with treatments that are taken courses on 2-3 2 months per year. But another question (or the third :) - not all drugs are equally well absorbed, has a value type of salt, from which iron forms (or form) a stable form: conventional iron assimilated to 0.5-2%, ferrous carbonate - at 6-10 % iron gluconate - On 17-25%. Hopefully, the manufacturer (and physician prescribers!) Takes into account these figures, picking up the dosage.

Also plays a role, and the valence of the iron in the compound (I promise, in the wilds of chemistry not climb more :). So, 2-valent salts are absorbed faster and more efficiently than 3-valent salt compounds that are still undergoing the recovery process, and only then is their partial absorption. Alas, I just did not know when to buy prescribed by a doctor (!) Product, hence the almost complete lack of effect.

It is also known that organic salts of iron (ferrous gluconate) have a higher absorbency and a better tolerability in comparison with inorganic, due to the higher physiologic*. Consider all these factors when choosing the iron for himself; because sometimes even the doctors do not understand too much, which pick up the tablet to a particular person. Take care of themselves!

*Based on these parameters, the best preparation that I have found for myself and checked in action proved 21st Century. Much more effective than European counterparts (the result was after weeks of 2) and much cheaper!

With regard to the daily rate of iron, for men it is 10 mg, women - 18 mg (in pregnant women - 20 mg, in nursing - 25 mg). A separate category, I would single out the athletes and other "fitnesistov": due to the amount of exercise they need for iron is also extremely great (20-30 mg). However, if you are not even a professional athlete, but lead an active lifestyle and visit the gym 2-3 times a week, think on this subject! It is necessary to know what degree of iron absorption from animal products are much higher than from a plant.

In summary, I repeat: to eliminate iron deficiency and quickly increase the hemoglobin is only possible with the help of special drugs. By the way, sold in our pharmacies result pleased me (of course, a question of import) - worth big money, and effectiveness is questionable, alas.

Yes, well, I note that all iron supplementation is recommended to use with ascorbic acid or foods rich in vitamin C, so much better digestibility. Also contribute to the absorption of folic acid and vitamin V12.

Quickly increase hemoglobin: iron products table

Below I will give a list of products with the highest iron content (note, this is the average values, they are slightly different in different sources). You can also download this memo on your computer that was at hand. So you'll know exactly what you need to eat in order to prevent iron deficiency and a diet should adhere to quickly increase the hemoglobin (together with a properly chosen medical product).

Thus, the iron content (in mg) per g of product 100

For convenience - descending:

  • Halva tahina (sesame) - 50;
  • Halva sunflower - 33;
  • Pork liver - 19-20;
  • Laminaria - 16;
  • Dried apples - 15;
  • Prunes - 13;
  • Dried apricots - 12;
  • Cocoa powder - 12;
  • Lentils (dry) - 12;
  • Beef liver - 9;
  • Blueberries - 8;
  • Buckwheat (dry) - 7-8;
  • Beans (dry) - 6;
  • Egg yolk - 5,8;
  • Beef tongue - 5;
  • Almonds - 5;
  • Oat Groats (dry) - 4,3;
  • Peaches - 4,1;
  • Meat rabbit - 3,3;
  • Spinach - 3,3;
  • Hazelnut, walnut - 3-4;
  • Beef - 3;
  • Apples - 2,2;
  • Blackcurrant - 2,1;
  • Mackerel - 1,7-2.

Here, perhaps, the main list of products that are actually included in the daily diet. By the way, about the liver: if you do not really like, try to cook soufflés из нее (в оригинальном исполнении я использовала куриную, но, заменив печень на свиную, вкус ничуть не пострадает) и не забудьте добавить ароматные травы!

True, I was a little surprised to learn that pork liver iron 2 times more than beef (I think, on the contrary), but in the beef and even less - only 3 mg. But me as a lover of fish pleased with the iron content of mackerel (it, by the way, very tasty bake in the oven with herbs (rosemary, thyme) and lemon) or cook on the grill at the cottage.

Наверное, вы спросите, почему же в списке нет граната, ведь так часто ему приписывают огромное содержание железа. Судите сами – на 100 г мякоти плода приходится 0,78 мг железа. Не самое богатое железом яство, согласитесь?:) В огурцах и того больше – 0,9 мг:)

In general, my advice is: try to eat the most diverse. Meat, poultry, liver, fish, do not forget to include in the diet of legumes, nuts, sea kale, do not neglect the greens and, of course, eat more fruits and vegetables. But if the problem is already acute and need to quickly increase the hemoglobin, iron supplements be sure to drink!

Be healthy!