Unexpected photo)) Itself was surprised, when suddenly came across in archives
So, all you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask
* I graduated from high school in Minsk, studied here for a year at the University, and then transferred to St. Petersburg State University. There I graduated from the university (+ master's degree in the specialty of "Film Critic"
* By the way, the theme of my master's thesis is "Types of artistic reality in the cinematograph of Federico Fellini" ☺️
* At the 3 course, I needed a piercing and I pierced my tongue. Dada, and it was? Passed with an earring, maybe years 6-7. Then she just took off (before going to the dentist) and did not wear it anymore.
* When I worked in St. Petersburg (the first place - not in the specialty), our office was in the business center, where a floor above was the St. Petersburg office of TNT channel. I dreamed of working on TV, but I saw no possibility. Neither connections, nor the necessary experience was, nor suitable vacancies for them. All I had to do was to dream ... When I quit my job and moved to Moscow, I posted a resume and ran around interviewing, rushing off, then they phoned me and invited me for an interview with the same channel (only the Moscow office). After going through several stages of interviews (as it usually happens), they took me to work "Matching" ..
* I met my future husband almost 10 years ago on the Internet ... in those remote times when I hardly heard about dating sites
... if you were interested (please, DO NOT HESITATE !;), I will continue;)

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