Well, are all ready for the heat?)
I just thought to write that I love the heat (when you walk quite lightly, the sun blinds even in sunglasses, burns your hands, shoulders), but then I thought that I also like cloudy weather (the main thing is not to be cold!) - to work and sit at home in such weather is cozy)) And when it's hot, immediately there are thoughts that you need somewhere to run, everything is in time, do not miss it! and especially offensive when in the hot summer days you have to sit in the office all the time. You know, I remember my first working summer (right after graduation): I sincerely wondered why on these summer days, when the children were running around under the windows of the office with wild cries, here to be, do something, why do not I have a vacation!?!
Well, ok ... ponostalgirovat and will be)
it's time for the summer menu! If you've never tried # gazpacho, do not deny yourself the pleasure - it's not "just tomato soup"),
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