Needless to say, I love to invent different 'Useful' recipes. But even more, I love it when the result exceeds all my expectations! And, I tell you, this is the case.

A few months ago I found in the store chickpeas flour and bought it without hesitation, as had heard about it for a long time. The first thing I tried oven pancakes out of it, was pleased with the result (of course, the specific taste of chickpea there is still felt, but in conjunction with savory fillings or soft cheese / sour cream - delicious!).

After the pancakes long I puzzled, what else can be made from this flour. And I stumbled once on the filling of the pie recipe (from the usual flour), immediately decided that it is necessary prepare a cake of chick-pea.

I must say that the taste of chickpeas or peas is not felt at all (maybe because they are bright enough flavors brings fish). The cake turns golden brown with a dense, soft inside, slightly dryish.

Definitely, bake it again and again and I will experiment with fillings. By the way, if you do not like fish, you can make it with chicken, mushrooms, vegetables (asparagus, broccoli), spinach and curd cheese.

Chickpea cake: a step by step recipe

The ingredients (I used a square shape 20 * 20):

For the dough:

  • Chickpea flour - 150 g;
  • low-fat yogurt or fermented baked milk - 150-200 ml;
  • 1 large egg;
  • soda or baking powder - ½ tsp;
  • salt - 1 / 3 tsp

For the filling:

  • asparagus (or green beans) - 100 g;
  • 1 large onion;
  • Canned tuna (or any other fish) - 200-250 g;
  • eggs (hard-boiled) - 2 pieces;
  • olives (optional) - 50-70 g;
  • spices and herbs to taste.

Chickpeas pie. Preparation:

So, let's do a test. Mix all the ingredients of a whisk or blender until smooth. Consistency should be rather thin, but rather resemble pancake batter, only slightly thicker. Adjust it by adding a little yogurt.

The pre-prepared form (it is desirable to lay her parchment) pour a little dough to cover bottom.

Distribute evenly chopped asparagus; onion half-rings; tuna (chop it into small pieces). By the way, instead of tuna and salmon fit perfectly, and any white fish (canned is possible). And, you can use chicken instead of fish!

On top of the fish distribute olives: can a whole, can be cut. And chop eggs any way you like. Above you can sprinkle your favorite seasoning, herbs, fresh herbs.

Pour the filling batter, distributing evenly. Send in a preheated oven until 180 degree minute 40-45 (readiness check skewer).

If you are not afraid of excess fat, it is almost ready Chickpea cake can be sprinkled with grated cheese and leave it in the oven for five minutes.

Allow the cake to cool slightly and remove from the mold. Serve as warm or cold, garnished with fresh herbs, sour cream or soft cheese!

Bon Appetit!:)

The cake of chickpeas. Best recipe