"Oooh, the woman in the village is having fun. My came, and they took me (leave no one with) - on overexposure, so to speak. " Entertainment here, I tell you, a lot: my then for fishing, then in the forest, then collect the strawberries - then almost a hectare of it (nafiga she surrendered to them! It would be better sausage what they planted), then in badminton, then in frisbee, then shish kebabs ... - fun, I say! I watch everything from the cupboard to the window ... Well, as I observe: it is necessary to take a nap and go to sleep, not everyone is watching and having fun!
In the evening I promenade: from the cabinet on the stove, the stove on a sideboard, a sideboard in the refrigerator, out onto the ledge, then another ... and so the circle. Circle of Honor will do (if cornice vyderzhit..vchera's one right underneath me and I fell ... Well on the floor I can not say the same - I had to hang the curtain!) And sleep. In the morning all over again: I woke up, looked out the window, ate, rested ... nap, looked, ate (if you remembered about me) slept. In short, a day rich, do not have to be bored! I told you, have fun here in the village!

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