Probably all familiar with the term anorexia. I hope, however, that such is not among my readers - this is truly a heavy illness, and the path to recovery tend to be long. But in this article we are not talking about it, and about another form of eating disorder, however, directed in a different direction. Ortoreksiya - Obsession characterized by an obsessive pursuit of "healthy eating", fixated on the man himself invented the rules of "usefulness".

This disorder - as an obsession only "clean" and "right" food - leads to significant restrictions in the choice of food and the endless remorse for what and how much was eaten, and only if the "right" was the product of (!) or dish.

И хотя термин этот не широко распространен и едва ли знаком многим из вас, однако люди с подобным расстройством встречаются все чаще (в своей практике ведения блога в Instagram о вкусной и здоровой пище людей с выше перечисленными симптомами я встречала не раз). Поэтому и решила написать эту статью – возможно, она поможет кому-нибудь увидеть свои ошибки, пересмотреть свое отношение к «здоровому» питанию и еде в целом.

Ortoreksiya: Symptoms

Not to be unfounded, we give some examples.

In its own observations, the right food for many people, if a set of prohibitions and restrictions"Fatter milk 2% - can not; any flour (if it were wholegrain or cereal / legumes with a low glycemic index) - a taboo; piece of butter - on pain of death; fruit after 16: 00 - in any case; and bananas with their calorie content - in general under any pretext; white rice and pasta - no and no again! ".

Such idols, like chocolate, homemade sweets, cakes (with "pure" composition, but, of course, high-calorie) and can not speak! Yes there cakes - all products (even helpful) with a high fat or glycemic index (above 50) strictly forbidden.

They are, according to ortoreksikov, can never, in any quantity and in any circumstances, otherwise happen ... terrible!

One day, by preparing their favorite pancakes (from different kinds of whole wheat flour), I heard from a friend, "and this is it acceptable with proper nutrition?". And why not .. After all, as a part of pancakes - natural products (milk, yogurt, eggs, p / s meal), I baked them in a pan without oil, eat - with sour cream and soft cheese. Then why can not they fit into the framework of a healthy diet? In my opinion, a healthy and balanced breakfast, with slow carbohydrates, fats and proteins, all in place! A friend also argued, "because it's the pancakes." The iron logic, right?

Compliance with the rules of their own "healthy" food - Another feature ortoreksii. How often I hear this: "Yes, fry on bad / calorie butter. So I will fry in a useful (cold pressed / Extra Virgin) - so no harm by frying, because the oil is selected me - a useful product for the health. " It is a great mistake! By the way, all of the fried (and possible trade-offs) can be read in this article.

Yes, and here is another of the most common "sugar use is harmful, but fructose (the same in packages on the shelves in diabetic departments) - is another matter. It can and pastries, and children ... you can just diabetics - it means, it is possible and I am. " Friends, this fructose - not the kind that is found in fruits! In this article It described the damage that can cause to human health of the use of fructose.

A minimum of diversity in the diet. Indeed ortoreksiya characterized by minimizing variations on the theme dinners / breakfast / dinner / snacks.

If breakfast - oatmeal, exclusively. Snack - vegetables, fruit, or cottage cheese. If lunch - the chicken with buckwheat if dinner - the vegetables and the same breast (or fish).

Speeches and there is a sophisticated dishes of exquisite flavor combinations, variants feed variety of cereals, legumes and vegetables (fresh and cooked), in short, about the food, which brings true pleasure (which, of course, does not exclude the mineral components and proper cooking).

Pathological fear of fat. That is, the reduction to an absolute minimum fat in the diet, because "every fat - is harmful."

So, logically ortoreksikov, egg yolks without the need to have, because it is the excess fat and cholesterol; cheese, sour cream, and other fatty dairy products should be excluded altogether; consumption of oily fish also minimized.

While fats should be consumed per day 1 g per kg of your body weight. A "right" fats and does not need to be afraid (unroasted nuts, seeds, all kinds of cold-pressed oils, oily fish, avocados, flax cereal / flour).

Incidentally, in my article "Healthy Nutrition: Myths and Misconceptions" disassembled basic misjudgments people like taking their first steps on the path to proper nutrition, as well as those who are "wiser by experience." This information can also be useful.

And finally I want to say: If something of the above did you know yourself, it is an occasion, at least, the alert! Stop and reconsider their "proper diet." Do not drive yourself in the narrow confines of ortoreksii. Fear not eaten at night apple or banana pancakes for breakfast or a tiny piece of cake for dessert.

Love yourself, organize yourself chitmily, Let the little "weaknesses" in the form vkusnyashek with "pure" composition, and do not blame yourself for serving ice cream eaten in the summer heat. It is better to dedicate a few hours a week in sports (even at home), and most importantly - be in harmony with each other!