Oh, and for a long time I dreamed about them, but now it's all come together: summer, village ... -cartofel pancakes to be! I found a compromise option: bake them without flour (my grandmother said that according to their "traditional" recipe, they do not put flour in the potatoes;) and in a dry frying pan (yes, it's true, they had to swim in oil according to the same traditional recipe) . Bitten!
Wonderful, fast, simple (except for the process of rubbing potatoes, which is better to delegate to someone strong): 5 potatoes grate, drain the juice, add 2 eggs, salt, mix. Fry (with or without oil - you decide) on each side of the mines 2-3. Serve better, a little cold (then there will be no "spoiled" effect, as it may seem when they are hot). - And by the way, do not be afraid of raw potatoes, it is more useful than cooked!
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